Your benefits

Your benefits

The human being at the heart of our concerns, we have set up a set of advantages for the employees:

  • Transport bonus, depending on the country
  • Profit-sharing bonus and CEE (Compte Epargne Entreprise)
  • CET (Time Savings Account)
  • Company car or company car, depending on the position
  • Attractive health insurance
  • Flexible working hours, depending on the department
  • Work clothes provided, depending on the department
  • Telecommuting is possible, depending on the department.

In France, we also have a connected fridge, offering healthy and balanced dishes.
All recipes are cooked by a local caterer in the region.

Traditional, exotic, vegetarian dishes, mixed salads… there’s something for every taste and desire!

🍽 On site self-service, 24 hours a day.

🥕 Fresh, seasonal, local and quality products

🍝 A variety of recipes that change weekly

💰 50% of the meal basketis paid by the company, up to a limit of €4.50 (a dish + dessert = around €9.00, €4.50 remains to be paid by the employee).

FIMO Group committed to reducing waste!

The dishes are packaged in glass jars that are reused by the supplier. For the other products, recycled and recyclable packaging is used as soon as possible.