Focus on FIMO Rooftop

Focus on FIMO Rooftop

As a creator of innovative solutions, FIMO Rooftop develops an ecosystem of skills to serve its customers, encouraging human successes.

Founded in 1996 under the VOLX brand, FIMO Rooftop designs, manufactures and installs architectural and landscape integration solutions for radio communication sites, in France and internationally.

From standard products to the most specific and complex solutions, FIMO Rooftop teams use their expertise to meet their customers’ needs and expectations.

Focused on innovation, FIMO Rooftop controls the entire value chain internally: consulting, design by its integrated Design Office, manufacturing, delivery, installation by its installation teams, customer follow-up and after-sales service.

FIMO Rooftop thus guarantees its customers quality solutions, adapted to their technical constraints and in compliance with current regulations.

Customer service oriented FIMO Rooftop has implemented a real culture of continuous improvement within its teams, ensuring its competitiveness and developing its operational excellence.

As the human being is at the heart of its values, FIMO Rooftop is also committed to an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach to build sustainable relationships, guarantee the evolution of its employees’ skills and improve the Quality of Life at Work (QWL).

Concrete actions have also been implemented to preserve the environment: eco-design, local sourcing, manufacturing processes with low CO2 emissions, waste management, recycling of materials.

FIMO Rooftop is thus committed to building a sustainable growth model that respects all stakeholders and its ecosystem.